Long Beach hair salon – which one to choose?

In long beach we have pretty much everything when it comes to fashion and beauty. I don’t know why the place is so loved by the designers that they decided to open hundreds of different hair and nail salons. On the other hand, what I really miss in Long Beach are the massage therapists. Look like there are very few of any professionals, and it takes quite a while to schedule the actual therapy.

But let’s get back to the hair. As there are hundreds of hair salons in Long Beach, one might think that it’s cool and that we must be blessed. In a sense it is true, but only partly so. With many options comes the difficulty of choice and at times these salons all look the same, but I know for sure that some of them are better and the others are worse. Hence, it makes a good sense to write some review, don’t you agree?

The first salon I visited was Kayzie’s salon, just in front of our block. The ads look bright and attractive, but inside it was rather simple. I couldn’t say if it was good or bad, or both at the same time. Perhaps neither. It also didn’t cost much, and I ended up with a new haircut for this winter. It’s just a little bit shorter than my hair before, though I told to change the shape from loose to V-shape, and they did accordingly.

Another salon that I visited just a couple of months ago was a bit further from our home, and I even forgot its name. Whoops… But I remember well that it had a pink lady with the scissors, and it looked a bit creepy but cool. They did another trimming in just 5 or 10 minutes. When I got home I checked carefully the job that they’ve done. Looks like it was some perfect work, I only wish their salon was closer…

The other one I visited in August, sorry for once again forgetting its name but this time it had a yellow lady that was showing off her nails as a logo. She looked like Asian, so you won’t miss that salon. They’ve done me some hair treatment, after which it became quite smooth. I also bought some professional hair products there on sale.